President's Message

Welcome to your local chapter!

Discover the value of being part of IMA's strong global network of professional chapters and councils. From leadership training to mentoring, choose from a variety of activities that allow you to network and make a difference. Membership in an IMA chapter is exclusive to IMA members and is included in your membership dues.

By participating in a local IMA chapter, members can:

  • Stay current with the latest in management accounting through local speaker presentations/webinars and earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits.
  • Make valuable new connections, exchange ideas, and get advice from other accounting and finance professionals.
  • Take advantage of chapter leadership opportunities, which are open to all members and have been called "the best management training."
  • Gain career insight and direction from a mentor, or become a mentor for others to expand your own leadership skills.
  • Give back to your community while developing yourself professionally and networking in your field.

Your local chapter is in need of leadership and a dedicated team of volunteers to bring it back to life. If you are interested in reviving the chapter and learning more about the process, please contact IMA’s Community Relations team at

In the meantime, visit IMA’s website to learn more about our product offerings (CMA Certification, Strategic Finance Magazine, CPE course packages, free webinars etc.) and take advantage of your membership.

Jeffrey C. Thomson, CMA, CAE
IMA President and CEO